Building a BeagleBone router

A few months ago we decided to set up our own network in our coworking space, since we had no chance to apply any configurations to the official WiFi. Luckily I still had an old hub we could use, but we also needed a bridge from our network to the public WiFi. Until now we’ve used an old barebone for that, but I always thought that this solution was a bit oversized.

That was probably the reason why I came up with the idea to use a BeagleBone as a router when it crossed my way during some hardware testing we did for a new project. The BeagleBone seemed like a perfect fit: It is small but powerful and has all connectors we need (if we use an USB WiFi dongle). Unfortunately the way to a perfect router was not as straight as I thought in the first place, but in the end everything worked out. Continue reading Building a BeagleBone router