How to create perfect web-fonts in 3 steps

Web-fonts are a hassle. Once you think that you’ve finally nailed it, whoops there comes another special case where all fonts are totally ¬†[insert swearword of your choice here]. Same happened to me after my last post on how to create nice web-fonts for every browser. The font I created following this howto worked in all of my test-cases, but soon after I had published the post several comments popped up that told me different.¬†Some of these were only small glitches I could either ignore or fix easily, but in the end I had to admit that my proposed solution is at least incomplete. So I again went on a quest to find the best way to create perfect webfonts.

This took me on a long an dangerous journey, but you might want to take the shortcut and use Fontie, the magic web-font generator, instead. However, since you’re still reading I assume you want to know everything! So here my young fellows is my story on how to create webfonts that look good on any operations system and browser. Continue reading How to create perfect web-fonts in 3 steps